Hi everyone, I'm Tom. As you can possibly see, I love everything that has to do with bodybuilding, weight training and fitness in general and it has been an enormously important part of my life for almost 20 years now, which I don't want to miss anymore.

In the 13 years I have seen so many companies in the field of nutritional supplements come and also go very quickly. This is also the reason why I am proud to be a part of German Elite Nutrition today! Because I can say absolutely without a guilty conscience that they are primarily honest products that offer real & absolute added value in their effect and price. All products are from our own development, tested and only go on sale when they also meet our expectations.

Woman measuring abdominal girth after sport and diet

Are extreme diets useful?

Surely everyone who has already brought one or more diets behind him or it plans, this "phenomenon". You want to start a diet, but already know in advance that this project will be a really annoying and exhausting thing and, if you want to "do it right", also ...

woman eats low fat yogurt

Myth: Are low-fat products really healthy?

When it comes to a defined body, low-fat products are highly trendy and are making their way into the refrigerator of many fitness devotees. But how healthy are low-fat products really? And do they deliver what they promise? We've checked out the facts surrounding low-fat products and are here to help you ...