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Brand ambassador

VitaminVersand24 has the perfect product for each of your needs and is THE expert in the field of nutritional supplements, health and fitness. For the presentation of our own brand German Elite Nutrition we are looking for you as an Influencer!

Why GEN products in particular?

"In the 13 years that I was active in my former company, I have seen so many companies in the field of nutritional supplements come and also go very quickly. This is also the reason why I am proud to be a part of German Elite Nutrition today! Because I can say absolutely without a guilty conscience that they are first and foremost honest products that offer real and absolute added value in their effect and price. "

What's your favorite?

"Unfortunately, it's hard to say, because every product also offers added value for a specific purpose. But if I start from me then it is for ME quite clearly the Rip Burner and Adaptogens. To Adaptogens I must say that most certainly underestimate the "harmful" effect of high cortisol just after training for the muscles and exactly for this it is just perfect! To the other Rip Burnerbecause unfortunately I can not take a classic booster due to illness. Even if the fat burning is stimulated in the actual sense, it is also perfectly suited to provide the necessary "bite and drive" in training and also in the buildup."

How do you integrate GEN products into everyday life?

  • 1 x 1 tablet 10,000 IU D3 + 200cg K2 (Vit4ever)
  • 3 x 1 tablet vitamin C 1000mg (Vit4ever)
  • 2 x 2 Omega 3 (Nuvi Health)
  • 1 x 5g Pure Creatine
  • 2 x 2 capsules Carnitine Triple Complex

+ Phased in (joint) - inflammation for about 6 weeks (yes that can be at 40 years already more often the case ūüėČ)

  • 4 x 1 tablet Boron (√° 3mg) (Vit4ever)
  • 1 x OPC Pure (√° 500mg) (Vit4ever)
  • 1 x Curcuma extract (√° 500mg) (Nuvi Health)
  • 4-5 capsules Rip Burner or 1 serving Rip Burner Liquid
  • (Super alternative for all those who can not tolerate or take "boosters" due to illness, etc.).
  • 2 servings √° 14g Multi Amino EAA
  • 10g Pure Creatine
  • 2-3 capsules Adaptogens
  • 2-3 capsules potassium citrate (√° 400mg) (Vit4ever)
  • 10g Pure Glutamine + 50g Whey + 40-80g Rice Cakes
  • 4 tablets (= 4mg) melatonin (Vit4ever)
  • 4 capsules Ashwagandha Triple Complex
  • 3 capsules ZMA-Max

Special product

"Even though it doesn't appear in my supplement breakdown is another product I swear by Berberine Gluco Support! Because in addition to sports, we all certainly have a "normal" life, in which you want to go out for a nice meal with friends or your partner without fear that you will totally destroy your shape or that the last workout was for nothing. Unfortunately, it is not a "magic potion" that can make the consumed calories disappear, but what it can definitely do is not let the blood sugar shoot up to "uncontrolled" heights after eating and is therefore ideally suited for small nutritional excursions, such as burgers, pizza, kebabs. Just about everything that tastes good but is not really healthy!"




Thomas Brandt

GEN Consultant & Bodybuilder





bodybuilder & influencer

Why GEN products in particular?

"Good sources of carbohydrate include rice (the best!), potatoes, pasta or whole wheat pasta, and oatmeal (for mornings). These are all (long-chain) carbohydrates that keep your blood sugar levels fairly constant and ensure that you don't have high spikes. If you were to replace the rice with a bar of chocolate, for example, it would cause a huge spike in your blood sugar. The body would release insulin and wouldn't be able to burn fat for a long time."

What's your favorite?

 "Depending on when I go to workout, I use. Push it to the limit! With 320 mg of caffeine and the other ingredients, this booster is a game changer. Pump it to the limit I only use when I workout late at night because there is no caffeine and I can fall asleep in the evening without any problems despite the booster."

How do you integrate GEN products into everyday life?

"In every phase of my daily life, I take the opportunity to supply my body with the best of the laboratory-tested GEN products. This starts in the morning on an empty stomach throughout the day until bedtime. The practical packaging offers protection and can be carried perfectly in the sports bag transport."

Why GEN products in particular?

"I am absolutely convinced of the quality of the products. Many of my friends and acquaintances have been using the products for years and are maximally satisfied. Overall, it is also noticeable that the products are all very high doses, have the best possible raw material quality and are even tested in independent laboratories for harmful substances, ingredients and the like."

What's your favorite?

"My two favorites are the BCAAs during training to improve performance and the ZMA combo product, which has made my sleep better and I get cramps less often."

How do you integrate GEN products into everyday life?

"I have my set supplement routine where I use health supplements from Vit4ever and Nuvi Health in addition to products from GEN. Depending on which product it is, it is taken in the morning, at lunch and/or in the evening. I always and everywhere have my pill boxes from VitaminVersand24 with me and can then very easily integrate this into my everyday life as a coach and athlete."





GEN Influencer Raphael Fuchs

Raphael Fox

bodybuilder & influencer

Why GEN products in particular?

"With GEN I have found a very cost-effective alternative compared to other brands, both price and performance are right, as these are certified and German products."

What's your favorite?

"My favorite product from GEN are the BCAA 2:1:1 powderI always use these during training, no workout without intra with me. In addition, they taste me extremst good, the Fruitpunch powder is my favorite."

How do you integrate GEN products into everyday life?

"I have a Rountihne and it is maintained on a daily basis. In the morning and evening I use supplements from GEN, as well as around the training. Accordingly, it is not only a must for me, but everyday life. Easy as pie!"

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